2007 Dr. von Basserman-Jordan Riesling: Slight honey, very good.

june 13, 2010: we paired this german with some fresh sea scallops victoria bought at whole foods in louisville, where she had gone for the day with emilie.

she battered the scallops with this recipe via http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Seared-Sea-Scallops/Detail.aspx and we heated up some leftover red creamer potatoes. the sea scallops turned out very well, with no iodine flavor. we were able to make the scallop batter with all ingredients in-house.

we were originally intending to pair this german riesling with a honey-cilantro chicken recipe last week. but since that didn't work out, we popped this one open, and it was a pretty decent pairing given the fact that we had no pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc on hand. there was definite freshness to this riesling, and the strong yellow color made a distinctive showing in the glass. we'd get this wine again, definitely.

12.5 percent alcohol. about $20 from big red liquors.

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