2007 Kunde Estate Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc: Mild, some citrus

july 31, 2010: alright. the time came for the second course, only this ended up being a mild disaster. the oven-roasted asparagus via http://www.cookingforengineers.com/recipe/101/Roasted-Asparagus-Spears and the butternut squash (from our own garden)  risotto via http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/favorite-butternut-squash-risotto turned out very well. as for the scallops (via http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/seared-scallops-recipe/index.html) ... those were another story. suffice it to say that a well-intentioned argument ensued between emilie and sean regarding the possibility that soap suds would get into the scallops; either that, or these scallops from the schnucks in newburgh just weren't that good. either way, victoria declared she wasn't going to eat them (which was in the best interest of all of us), so we ate a primarily vegetarian meal tonight (except for emilie's banana pudding pie, which was delicious). we paired the entrees with this kunde estate, which was mild and didn't really stand out on its own. it was kind of a wall-flower sauvignon blanc -- not bad, but not necessarily distinctive, either. 13.8 percent alcohol. winetree.

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