2009 Adelsheim Auxerrois: Aromatic nose with hints of peach, light on flavor, better unchilled.

july 23, 2010: we bought this ribbon springs vineyard adelsheim at winetree for about $22. victoria had been looking for an adelsheim pinot noir for a year, but we had pretty much given up the search after fruitless visits to big red liquors and other wine stores. this auxerrois, similar to a chardonnay, reminded us instead of a watered-down sauvignon blanc. it really is lightly flavored, almost forgettable. the nose is the most memorable thing about this oregon, ribbon ridge, speciman. 13.5 percent alcohol.

july 24: second night for this and, room temperature, it's easy to drink. the nose is still there, fruity and light and pleasant, but the flavor remains mild. we were expecting something more spectacular from adelsheim, considering it for some reason was not able to be sold in indiana for some time. still, this wine is smooth, not acidic, not bad. just don't think we'd pay that price to get this particular wine again.

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