1998 La Mas des Collines Gigondas: Fruity, light, well worth it.

july 18, 2010: victoria and greg had dinner at alan and marie-paule's with emilie as well. alan prepared lamb in the sous-vide with cilantro, garlic and salt (it was delicious!). he also baked fresh figs, but victoria thought that caused them to lose their flavor -- they were almost chalky in texture, too. alan also baked tomatos and olives inside sliced red peppers. victoria made this cheddar polenta recipe that wasn't exactly like one she had prepared before (but that recipe seems to have disappeared). this recipe is also for asparagus, but we left that part out. here it is: http://chezannies.blogspot.com/2009/05/garlic-cheddar-polenta-with-shrimp-and.html

we had this 13.5 percent alcohol specimen first, and it was very fruity and light -- perfect for a hot summer evening. it had flavors of strawberry but no cherry, so no tartness, but it wasn't too sweet, either.

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