2006 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: Tannic, sour and without much flavor

aug. 5, 2010: victoria got home early from work, and greg grilled some t-bone steaks with chicago-style seasoning. we also had some green beans victoria prepared last night and some cold ratatouille (also prepared last night). we paired the steak with this californian. victoria had purchased this 2006 at schnucks for about $15, which was at a substantial savings from the usual price (about $22-$24). we didn't like this vintage. but it could have been this particular bottle (why else would you sell a wine at such a reduced price?) or possibly this vintage just breaks down after four years ... not sure. we are curious since greg has two 2006s in alan's cellar waiting to be had. hopefully this bottle was just a bad example. 14.3 percent alcohol.

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