2008 Decero Malbec: Smooth, fruity, heavy, better with lamb and veal than on its own

aug. 28, 2010: we went to madeline's restaurant in evansville for our second wedding anniversary dinner. we started with two dishes: scallops, and foie gras and liver. both dishes were delicious. our entrees were rack of lamb and veal chops. we ended the meal with homemade avocado ice cream with canadian bacon, and black forest cake.

our wine for the evening was this mendoza, argentinian, which emilie had recommended when she went to madeline's with sean. greg and i agreed that this wine had a very fruity nose, but by itself it wasn't that flavorful. with the veal and the lamb, however, it was wonderful. against the lamb, it was slightly sweet and a perfect textural match. this decero was also good with the veal, but the flavor wasn't as sweet.

14.5 percent alcohol.

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