2008 Don Ramon Grenache and Tempranillo: Slightly rough, flavorful, easy to drink

aug. 14, 2010: greg and i went to eclipse, a new tapas restaurant in evansville, where we had some red wine sangria, cheese-and-spinach stuffed meat balls, escargot, scallops and a tomato mousse with manchego cheese. some tapa were good, others not so good. the best part about this restaurant is the ambiance.

when we got home, we were still hungry (the portions were smaller than what the tapas restaurants in chicago used to serve), so we opened this don ramon. we'd had it before, one of dennis' recommendations from winetree. this spaniard is around $14, a nice relaxing wine to go with pizza, which is what we had as a late-night meal. it's 75 percent grenache, 25 percent tempranillo. 12.5 percent alcohol.

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