2009 Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Estate Vineyards Sonoma County Pinot Noir: A good food wine

oct. 21, 2010: sometimes salmon just pops in your head; more specifically, a recipe for salmon marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar, which was baked instead of grilled. and since i was in schnucks anyway, i decided to try a $16 pinot, which had been marked down from somewhere around $20. the recipe can be found here: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/grilled-salmon-i/Detail.aspx but the wine, on first taste, was strawberry. it was light, smooth, with inklings of iron ... but not so far gone that it was distasteful. paired with this salmon, it was delicious, made sweet and smoother by the marinade. not a bad wine, considering it wasn't rated by wine spectator.

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