2006 Artesa Pinot Noir Reserve Carneros Estate: Smooth, brown sugar nose.

nov. 21, 2010: this was an early birthday dinner for me, and greg prepared three delicious cornish hens that he seasoned with his own special mix and rotisseried on our grill. they were wonderful. we had leftover mushrooms and onions that had been seasoned and sauteed the night before, broccoli and potatoes. we bought this californian to pair with the chicken, not having researched it at all. this is what i found online: (in 2008) http://gabesview.com/2008/08/20/artesa-winery-2007-carneros-pinot-nor/ and (in 2009) http://www.starkinsider.com/2009/11/2006-artesa-pinot-noir-carneros-wine-review-recommended.html

we both liked this wine, but i wasn't feeling well. so i made an early night of it, falling asleep reading a michael chabon novel. but my first impression was of a brown sugar nose. the second night, i got what was left, and my impressions were that it was smooth, with some strawberry to the nose. the flavor became more earthy as the night wore on. this pinot actually reminded me of the solaire, a robert mondavi creation that i had had last week. the solaire had a stronger flavor, while this artesa was flavorful but more subtle. i'm impressed that it's such a good second-night bottle of wine from what my father has told me is a very good region of california for pinot noir. 14.3 percent alcohol. schnucks on north green river.

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