2006 CARE Syrah/Tempranillo/Garnacha: Spicy, fruity, tannic, definitely flavorful (says me) but harsh and sour (says Greg)

nov. 29, 2010: you come home from work on a rain-filled day and you decide: i'm going to open one of greg's wines this time. this is a bottle he purchased at big red liquors in bloomington sometime this summer, and i had been avoiding it, thinking this was one of the pricier bottles we might want to hold onto for a while. not that i'm focused solely on the price, but when you want to pop open a bottle without much planning, i'd rather choose one that's both new-to-us and relatively inexpensive. this spaniard won on both counts. research online (greg no longer had the receipt) showed it was about $11, and it was definitely a blend we hadn't experienced before: syrah, tempranillo and garnacha. this 14 percent alcohol is spicy enough to be well-paired with a brat from the newburgh butcher shop. it's definitely got tannins to the mouth feel, and an earthy nose with some fruit mixed in. can't distinguish exactly which fruit, but something dark, like blackberries. it almost reminds me of a lighter malbec, with more flavor. greg, on the other hand, isn't sure he likes it. he says the nose isn't very aromatic, and that it's wafting more alcohol than anything else. he said the flavor is sour and harsh, and it might be paired up well with a spicy sausage.

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