2006 Castelvero Piemonte Barbera: Past its prime

nov. 14, 2010: i bought this thinking i wanted to try something new, something i hadn't had before. but when we popped it open, greg thought it was bland, and i thought it was a strange mixture of sweet and salty. something really felt off about this italian, so we decided we'd bring it into winetree the next day to explain our issues with it. i know i'm far from a wine expert, and that's especially the case with barbera, which i've never had before. hopefully we either had a bad bottle, or we're just looking at this bottle the wrong way. 12.5 percent alcohol. about $11.


  1. Don't leave me hangin'! What did the Winetree guy say?

  2. i haven't talked to him yet ... haven't had a chance. i do need to say something, though. it might have just been a bad bottle since it was a 2006, and the label on the back said it's best to drink this wine within 12 months of buying it (not that i'd know anything different since i've never had barbera before). i wonder how long this barbera was sitting on the shelf there ...

  3. dave, i've been meaning to tell you that i complained about this bottle and the sales guy gave us a discount on our next bottle. i still think that bottle was off. on the bright side, it's very rare to have a bad bottle from winetree.