2006 Tenuta Santedame Chianti Classico: Dry, some flavor

nov. 7, 2010: call it the whirlwind wine weekend. it seems like we've done anything but avoid the stuff this weekend, and our latest foray was into a chianti classico recommended by dennis at winetree. this i hate to tell him: i'm not a huge fan of chianti. i know dennis' passions -- his italian wife, and the chiantis he drinks fairly often -- yet while this chianti was better than others we've had, it just wasn't flavorful enough for me.

still, when our neighbor invited us for dinner tonight, we brought dennis' recommendation because she was making lasagna. it was a delicious lasagna, and our other neighbors, who also were at the dinner, brought an equally flavorful salad that we all enjoyed. greg and i really enjoyed the evening, and we hope to get together with them again. but this chianti just wasn't a big hit. for one thing, our newfound friends are white wine drinkers. for another, this chianti just wasn't that flavorful. 13.5 percent alcohol. about $19.

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