2007 Benziger Carneros Chardonnay: Petroleum nose, but fun and fruity flavor

nov. 10, 2010: talk about contrasts. it was just a winetasting, meaning ron at winetree poured us one medicine-sized plastic cup full of this californian. yet the nose was, to me, instant oil, and that was kind of freaky, seeing as how the actual gas station was two walls and an intersection away from us. but i think, okay, i'm bigger than just the first impression: i can look beyond this. so i take a sip, and this sonama county speciman is good: green apple like a chardonnay should be (none of that buttery malolactic fermentation for me), and slightly sweet. it's a tasty wine, and i'm hoping that the nose on this particular bottle was just an anomaly. would get a full bottle, definitely. i didn't get the alcohol percentage, sorry. photo credit: http://www.snooth.com/

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