2007 Henri Perrusset Macon-Villages White Burgundy: Honey, lemon

nov. 6, 2010: we bought this at sahara mart in bloomington a while back. i didn't know anything about this vintner, but i chose it because it's a white burgundy and we've had some good experiences with the french version of the california chardonnay. it was $16.95 and definitely worth it. greg said the nose had a pungent sweetness, almost like produce that's a bit old. and while that may not be the most flattering description, this frenchman was still very tasty, with flavors of honey and lemon. the only bad thing about this wine was that the acidity seemed to increase the longer we had it open. it started out smooth with a little bit of tartness, but that changed later. 13 percent alcohol.

by the way, we paired this macon-villages with six live small blue crabs we steamed after buying them from aihua oriental market on north green river. we love this place! especially on market saturdays, when the only bad thing is how crowded the narrow aisles get, we can also buy very cheap vegetables. these crabs were definitely fiesty, and greg had to ask for a brown paper bag to hold them while we did the rest of our grocery shopping for the day. it was kind of unsettling hearing these crabs scratch the interior of the paper bag when we drove to schnucks, and i felt a bit pressed to complete our shopping list quickly while in the store, but it all worked out. we used this recipe to steam the crabs: http://www.thebarneys.org/huntfish/crabbing/recipes.html and it was hard work to crack open and pry the meat out of these crabs. but we had fun, and the crab meat seemed sweeter against the french crustacean salt, red pepper crunch seasoning (which greg had made a long while ago for chicken), and fish seasoning that i doused the crabs with in the steamer.

meanwhile, i prepared baked chicken with a yogurt-chili marinade via http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Baked-Chicken-with-Chile-Yogurt-Marinade-231617 . i added a handful of dried tomatoes that greg had dried in our dehydrator, and i also added cayenne pepper, and an extra helping of cilantro and a dry seasoning mix i had made some time ago containing cumin. i let it sit in the fridge for 1.5 hours. i also roasted some red peppers on the grill, and oven-roasted asparagus in canola oil (this seems to be better for oven roasting than olive oil), salt and pepper. the flavor of the chicken was good but i think i overcooked the meat, making it a bit dry and stringy.

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