2008 Apothic Red: Third night open, still good

nov. 20, 2010: we only got the dregs, more or less, of this californian, which is a reliable (for us) mixture of merlot, syrah and red zinfandel. it had been opened for three nights, and i wasn't sure what to expect. but it's held up well.  greg said the flavor is good, but that nose wasn't anything special. he said it's smooth and sweet to drink (according to my father, the sweetness might have been due to the zinfandel, since some zins have lots of residual sugar). speaking of syrah, that's the only thing that makes me hesitate about this wine. i think it's because of the syrah that this wine's flavor doesn't seem to change much. 13.1 percent . $9.99 at schnucks.

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