2008 Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend: Good and good and good

nov. 15, 2010: sometimes you just have days when you deserve a glass of wine, and this was the night that sealed the deal. we opened this bottle after i had greg taste the residuals of the yalumba viognier i had purchased on saturday -- and that he hated, as grapefruity as it was. but this modesto, californian, is starting to become reliable, a perfect blend of syrah, red zinfandel and merlot. it's hard to believe this is $8 or so at schnucks on north green river, since this is a good one, definitely a wine to try whether paired (as we did) with pasta, or matched with an empty glass, yourself, and a table to place it on. 13.1 percent alcohol.


  1. Anyone know where I can buy Apothic in the state of Washington? We had it in Chicago and loved it!

  2. sorry, we don't know. if your local wine store can't help, maybe you can get it shipped to you direct from the winery?