2008 Robert Mondavi Solaire Pinot Noir: Lively, strong, fun

nov. 27, 2010: i bought this from winetree again just so greg could understand what i mean when i compare it to the 2006 artesa carneros pinot noir we had last sunday. if you're looking for a full-flavored pinot that really comes into its own after an initial acidity that prompty disappears 30 minutes later, this santa lucia highlands californian is the one. i think this is less subtly flavored than the $29.99 artesa -- and if you like strawberries, that'll seal the deal -- but it's a really good buy for $15.99. 13.5 percent alcohol.

that said, i might have bought this wine on the wrong night. greg is recovering from a sore throat and sinus infection, and while he didn't refuse a couple glassses of this californian, his impressions were that the nose was sour, and the flavor was just "OK." we might have to get this mondavi again. how awful ;)

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