2000 Domaine Gauby Cotes du Roussillon Villages: Acidic, followed by fruity

dec. 4, 2010: aaron came to visit us this weekend, and we celebrated with a venison meal matched with this domaine gauby. greg, as usual, prepared a delicious meal with the venison he had shot last winter. the main thrust of this recipe was a fresh blueberry gravy and a red wine reduction (with apothic red, which is a blend of red zin, syrah and merlot) that included seared venison cutlets. wonderful!

we paired it with this 2000 gauby, which i wish i had decanted for several hours before, because when we opened it up, it was immediately acidic. also -- and this doesn't happen that often with the new world wines we are used to -- this 10-year-old old world wine had a thin line of mold on the top of its cork, but it hadn't moved down to the wine itself. i was a bit worried, and said as much, before we sat down to dinner.

but as the meal wore on, the fruitiness outshined the initial acidity. once again, as is common (in my experience) with old world wines, it was hard to distinguish the exact fruit flavors of this cotes du roussillon. but it was light enough to pair well with the venison. 14.5 percent alcohol. gift from alan.

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