2007 Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan Pfalz trocken Riesling: Citrus, light, crisp

dec. 12, 2010: we needed a dry white wine to deglaze a dutch oven i was using to braise three cornish hens as part of a recipe i saw on the food network and then found later via http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/claire-robinson/cornish-hens-au-vin-recipe/index.html

trocken means dry in german, and this turned out to be a really good pairing with this recipe (both as an ingredient to make the gravy, and as a wine to pair with the cornish hens once they were fully braised). we've had this wine before, and each time i think it's grapefruity and that greg won't like it much, he always surprises me, preferring to describe the tartness as simply a citrus flavor.

i really liked this recipe, and greg liked the flavor of the sauce and the hens. but he said he would have preferred for the sauce to be more of a gravy than a thin liquid. i did add some flour to the leftover sauce to make it thicker (that part was not part of the recipe), and the one cornish hen we didn't eat tonight will soak in that for at least one more night. otherwise, i braised these hens for about 40-50 minutes instead of the 20 recommended in the recipe (the comments on the web site said more or less the same thing), and the sauce combined with the crumbled bacon i had prepared to start the meal was just wonderful. i think if we get the gravy right next time, this will be a really good meal. 12 percent alcohol. winetree.

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