2007 Las Rocas Garnacha: Peppery, creamy and unique

dec. 23, 2010: unfortunately, a good amount of the 14 hands chardonnay-pinot gris blend was used to prepare greg's excellent chicken. so we decided to open this garnacha, which was a gift from janet williamson, greg's aunt who shared her house with us for the woodward christmas this past weekend. greg said janet told him this was her favorite wine, and we have to say: it's definitely unique. i'm impressed with the peppery, smooth and creamy qualities of this spaniard, which are strong enough to make me say it's worth trying. greg said it's got a sweet nose, with some black cherry to the flavor. we also both agreed it reminds us, slightly, of a cabernet franc in that it has some green pepper, too. i think it's also less than $10, though we only saw it at big red liquors after the woodward christmas had ended. but as far as inexpensive wines go, this one is a worthwhile try, and i wonder if rob williamson had something to do with it. 14.5 percent alcohol.

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