2008 Arido Malbec: Spicy, slight tannins, may be good with brats

dec. 19, 2010: i bought this at winetree on friday on tim's recommendation, and we decided to open it tonight after returning from a fun-filled weekend with greg's family. this argentinian has an earthiness to the nose. the flavor is spicy with a uniquely prickly mouthfeel and slight tannins. it reminds me of the 2006 CARE syrah/tempranillo/garnacha because it's so spicy. it would be interesting to pair it with an andouille or green onion bratwurst from the newburgh butcher shop. greg said it has a tannic nose, with a rough mouthfeel. it reminds him of a montes malbec, but he said there are better malbecs out there. 14.5 percent alcohol. about $14.

by the way, we had a really good time in bloomington seeing greg's family for the woodward christmas on saturday, and then a brunch with fred, nancy, deanie, bob and chris today. the weekend was also notable because i got to experience first-hand the effects of fred's wine aerator. we tried it on a 2007 sola fred we had bought for fred at sahara mart the last time we were both in bloomington, and on an apothic red we had given him as a gift for christmas. it really made a difference for both of those wines, which we had thought were good even before the aerator entered the picture ... the sola was fruitier, and the apothic became lighter and even more flavorful. i was also really impressed by how quickly it processed the wine: you poured the wine into a small filter and it immediately sent it into the glass below. hardly any delay at all, with a very big boost in flavor.


  1. I'll have to look for this Malbec. Next, month I have several Malbecs lined up for reviews. I want this one so I can cook up some brats.

  2. let us know how it goes. we usually pair australian shiraz with brats, just to match strength with strength. a lot of times i've found that the salt in brats (at least the ones we have access to) negatively affects the flavors of malbec. i hope that's not the case with this arido. which malbecs do you plan to review?