2008 Crios Cabernet Sauvignon: Sour first night, tannic and flavorless the second

dec. 21, 2010: we like the crios malbec, which is fruity and fun. but this mendoza, argentinian, cab -- we bought it at big red liquors up in bloomington this past weekend -- was either a bad bottle, or it was just plain bad. it wasn't corked, but the sourness made it unpleasant to drink. it didn't seem to get much better after an hour or so of being open, either. 14 percent alcohol. $15.99

UPDATE: second night. we'd forgotten to pressurize it last night and so just screwed on the cap this morning hoping it wouldn't make a difference. (nothing against screwtops, either. i think there are more and more screwtops that are on the better side of good these days.) apparently our mistake was an improvement: this time, paired with a pork loin, steamed broccoli and potato perogies, it was tannic and the sourness had disappeared. so, however, had the flavors. this was like eating paper. a definite wallflower cab; drink if you don't want an accompanying personality.

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