2008 Durigutti Malbec: The good interview

dec. 22, 2010: i came home from work in time to catch up a bit with laura howell, greg's former coworker, which was really good, since i hadn't seen her since october. greg had prepared pork loins, steamed broccoli and potato perogies. unfortunately i only had the last glass of this, since it had been opened for a while before i got here. we both liked it. greg said this 2008 is much better than the 2007. frankly, i don't recall the difference between the two, but i do like this vintage's ability to be what i wanted it to be at any given moment: flavorful, but not too fruity; tannic, but not overly so; consistent, but not so much that it's boring. in other words, this mendoza, argentinian, was the good interview. i just wish i could have had more. 14 percent. about $14. winetree.

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