2009 14 Hands Hot to Trot White Blend: Excellent

dec. 23, 2010: it would only be fair to pair excellent with excellent. and when greg is cooking, there's a better chance of that than anything else. he prepared a roasted chicken in our oven, basted the bird with about two cups of this 14 hands and some butter. even if we hadn't paired it with this recommendation from ron at winetree, the chicken, and the accompanying sauteed potatoes and onions, were fantastic. but with this blend of chardonnay and pinot gris, fantastic quickly turned to exquisite. seriously. if you want a good wine for a good price -- and you only have $10 in your pocket -- then consider this washington state brand, which was only $8.99 at winetree. good wine + good chicken + good company = triple good, and there's nothing better than that. 13 percent alcohol.

as for the specifics, i thought it had lemon flavors with smooth and creamy textures, mixed with a slight crispiness. greg really liked its fruity nose, while the flavor was, to him, a bit citrusy and sweet. we both, obviously, liked it very much. we think this is a wine we should share with our neighbors for dinner in january.

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