2009 Layer Cake Malbec: Going against the grain, I am at least

dec. 9, 2010: apparently everyone loves this wine, including tim at winetree. wine advocate's robert parker gave the 2008 a 91-point rating, and other web sites followed suit with similar impressions about the 2009's "anise, chocolate and very pleasant touches of spice" (that one is according to http://www.vintagepointcellars.ewinerysolutions.com/) but i find it odd that no one mentioned the bitterness. don't get me wrong: we like it. this is definitely a fruity wine, and it's got enough tannins to make it slightly rough against your tongue. but this is a malbec? whoa, whoa, whoa. wait a minute here. maybe it's because we've had a memorable layer cake shiraz, but this, to me, isn't rough enough to be a malbec, at least not in the categories of a montes, or an xplorador. is this the new malbec: dark fruit and thin lines of bitterness? if so, it tastes like a mclaren vale shiraz ... from mendoza, argentina. about $14. winetree. 14.9 percent alcohol.

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