Jay Juice: Island Mist Green Apple Riesling: Smooth, creamy, sweet

dec. 12, 2010: greg had suggested that i use part of jay's homemade wine as the white wine needed for the braised cornish hens recipe. but i'm really glad i didn't do that, because that recipe needed a dry white, and this green apple riesling is most certainly not dry.

the last wine i had that jay made was a 2008 blueberry wine. while that's only two bottles i've had that jay has home brewed, i've beginning to notice a pattern here: jay's got a talent for making smooth and creamy wines. that's a really good thing, since some of the more corporate versions of riesling are sometimes sharp, or acidic, and this riesling is neither of those.

that said, it was so sweet and smooth that we almost doubted that it had any alcohol in it at all. so we tested it with our vino-meter, and we found (if that odd contraption is correct) that it has about 10 percent alcohol in it -- even less than the dr. von bassermann-jordan riesling we had with the cornish hens (that was 12 percent). this is a very good effort. i don't know what jay does to make his home brews so smooth, but i think it's a really nice touch. thanks for the gift, jay!

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