Jean-Paul Le Damany's Calvados: A bit rough, but good flavor

dec. 13, 2010: i talked to my sister this morning. she's in italy now, traveling with sean on a break from their stay in gap, france, and that got me thinking about my aunt and uncles and second-cousins and the like who are living their lives in the old world. so i decided i'd try my second-cousin jean-paul le damany's calvados, which greg thinks is from 1996 or 1997. it's been hanging out in our basement for the past four years, since my father gave it to greg as a gift. jean-paul's version of calvados is a bit rough and has a good burn to it. but the flavor is definite apple, which is as it should be. the color is very clear, almost like water. i think i remember having an older vintage of calvados in normandy this past fall that was more of a yellow or bronze color. this is the perfect thing to have on an icy, 11-degree night, though to be honest, it's packing such a strong punch that i doubt i'll finish the glass.

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