2003 Clos Floridene Graves Bordeaux: Earthy, dirty

jan. 16, 2011: we bought eight frozen quail at aihua asian grocery store, which now has a new location, on sunday. i decided i would use this recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/baked-quail-185122 and it turned out very well. i was struggling a bit to make sure the quail had reached the necessary 170-degree temperature without making it too tough. but the flavors in this marinade/gravy were quite good, and i think we'll make this again.

researching what to pair with this frenchman was almost more fun than preparing the recipe. we had a 2007 robert mondavi pinot noir solaire that could have worked with this meal. but i wanted to try something new, so we opened up a 2003 clos floridene graves bordeaux, which we decanted for about 45 minutes.

greg said the nose was earthy and that it smelled like brown/black dirt. it had overtones of sweetness. the first flavor was bitter and the texture was dry, but it had a hint of sugar. towards the end of the bottle, it was definitely sweeter, more like cherries or some other type of sweet fruit, with minor bitterness toward the end.  i thought the nose was earthy and dirty -- not exactly barnyard, but definitely masculine. at first, the texture was soft and gentle. this wine revealed itself more toward the end, becoming smoother with some tannic qualities. it's one of the better wines my father has given to us. 13 percent alcohol. gifts.

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