2005 Lapis Luna Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon: Tobacco, blackberry

jan. 13, 2011: this is my second lapis luna since november 2010. then, we had the shoup vineyard, and without realizing the difference, i bought the lodi appellation tonight at winetree for $13.99. immediately the flavor is much sweeter than other cabs we've had. it's got a smoky tobacco nose, but once you take a sip, the flavor turns to syrupy blackberry. this californian is also easy to drink, and at 14.2 percent alcohol, it's nothing to sneeze at. i don't know why this particular cab is sweeter and less earthy than other cabs we've had, but it's got enough sugar to remind me of a red zinfandel. i'd definitely try this one again. it was also a good choice to close a rough work night that ends with a friday off.

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