2007 Reid-Lockhart Carneros Chardonnay: Mixed opinion

jan. 16, 2011: my parents invited us over for lunch today, and my dad prepared a wonderful brined chicken that he marinated in salt water and then cooked sous vide. he also shaved three white truffles that he purchased at vecchio's italian market in newburgh on top of wide egg noodles. this was a very tasty meal.

also, as an appetizer, my mom prepared gravlax with her traditional mustard-dill recipe. this was very good, as usual, though from what i understand, she used a different mustard. my dad opened a 2007 carneros reid-lockhart chardonnay, which greg liked but i thought wasn't very distinctive. it was acidic with some green apple qualities, not too buttery, yes, but it wasn't that impressive. but then again, i'm generally not a chardonnay aficionado. 14.7 percent alcohol.

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