2008 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend: Slightly sweet, good

jan. 8, 2010: greg and i opened this up on this, a saturday night, after i got back from work and he was watching the fateful colts game. it was also, coincidentally, an exceedingly bad day in terms of politics in tucson, ariz., so opening this washingtonion while discussing the day's events was therapeutic.

we both liked this blend of merlot and red zin. it was recommended by ron at winetree, who also tipped us off to the 14 hands hot to trot white blend from washington state, which is also very flavorful. this red blend has some sweetness, which we think comes from the zin. it reminded both of us of the apothic red blend of merlot, syrah and red zin. the 14 hands has 13.5 percent alcohol, and we'd definitely get it again. (but if i had to choose between the 14 hands red blend and the white blend, i'd definitely go with the white. also, i'd choose the apothic red over this 14 hands red blend. shhhh. don't tell greg.)

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