2009 Oliver Winery Gewurtzraminer: Crisp sweetness, with some lemon

jan. 7, 2011: for the first time, i decided to prepare a curried chicken recipe with onions and peas. it can be found here: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/easy-chicken-curry/Detail.aspx (i ended up using one of the tweaked recipes.) it turned out pretty well, though greg thought it could have had more curry (i only put in three tablespoons, versus the 1/3 cup that was in the original recipe). i actually liked it, especially once it was mixed with some chutney, as the sweetness was a good pairing with the curry.

speaking of sweetness, we decided to open an oliver winery gewurtzraminer that brian and jennifer fribley had given us for christmas. this hoosier was smooth and had a crispness to it that made it very refreshing matched with the red pepper flakes i'd added to the curried chicken. this 12.2 percent is worth getting again.

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