2005 Rosenblum Cellars St. Peters Church Zinfandel: There wasn't enough of this to last the evening

feb. 18, 2011: rob williamson was visiting us this weekend. he's a zin fan, and he was the one who first introduced us to rosenblum cellars. so i decided we'd have the st. peters church zin, which was new to all of us, and that we'd pair it with braised lamb with rosemary and garlic. here's the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Braised-Lamb-Shanks-with-Garlic-and-Rosemary-100843

i used two lamb shanks and two lamb steaks and heated them on high in the crockpot for about 4.5 hours. i added two cans of beef broth to make sure the meat would remain moist. i also made mashed potatoes with butter, buttermilk and milk. it all turned out pretty well, but i think i should have browned the lamb with the garlic and onions before i put them in the crock pot, as the comments on the recipe recommended, to add more flavor.

as for the wine, his californian was definitely worthwhile. it was soft and round, with blackberries and menthol. a very good bottle.

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  1. Victoria,
    What a delightful blog. Could we turn part of it into a column?
    Linda Negro