2005 Waters Interlude Walla Walla Red Blend: Bursting with flavors, yet feels light

feb. 26, 2011: occasionally you meet a wine that bursts from the bottle like an 18-year-old who's just found his freedom. which is to say, this washingtonian throws its punches wildly, slamming down cherries and blackberries like a frat boy downing shots at the bar.

but when paired with my entree, this bordeaux blend was almost too light to fit the bill. first, consider the Type A guest who'd arrived at the table just minutes before. this composed number took the form of a prime beef filet topped with horseradish glaze, asparagus, morel mushroom gravy, and mashed potatoes infused with maytag blue cheese. it was a filet so flush with flavor that the other entrees in the restaurant were likely trembling with fear. as for the wine, it became more and more apparent that this walla walla just wasn't going to cut it. think jabbering college student who's bragging about a long slew of escapades ... while his stern father sits there unimpressed. 

that said, this wine did get more serious once we'd finished our plates, leading me to think it just seemed light compared to steak. or it could have been because the waitress opened the bottle and served it right away, not giving it time to breathe. so don't get me wrong. this is a very good wine, and i'm really glad we were able to try waters, since i've seen the label around and have been wondering about it.

also, greg's entree was sirloin steak with cantonese sauce. while he said his meal was excellent, he didn't think the spicy cantonese sauce paired well with the wine.

as for the details, this is a blend of 55 percent merlot, 38 percent cabernet sauvignon, and 17 percent cabernet franc, aged in 25 percent new french oak for 14 months, according to robert parker.

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