2007 Patz and Hall (Possibly Napa Valley?) Chardonnay: Eh.

feb. 26, 2011: greg and i were trying to maximize our wine exposure at madeleine's fusion restaurant on saturday. it was a much-belated birthday celebration for me, but we were also toasting greg's new job and another bit of happy news that i'm not ready to reveal yet. this glass of chardonnay from what i think was napa valley (wish i had taken better notes) was slightly peachy with some light lemon. by itself i wasn't that impressed with it, and i think it could have been chilled a bit more.

it wasn't our waitress' fault -- there was some sort of problem in the kitchen -- but we ended up waiting for about 35 minutes for our first course. as a result, the wine ended up warming up a bit. as for our appetizers, they were both worth the wait. greg had sweet breads (paired with a 2007 brazin old vine zinfandel that i'll talk about in an above post), and i had breaded goat cheese on top of cubed beets. this was fantastic and went wonderfully with the chardonnay. the peach flavors i identified in the wine made it trend toward sweet, and i was very impressed by the pairing with the beets and goat cheese. i think this is a better wine to pair with food than to drink on its own.

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