2007 ZD. Chardonnay California: Very, very good

feb. 13, 2011: i take back everything i've said about chardonnay. well, not everything. i still don't like the effects of malolactic acid (butter flavoring), and i'm not a huge fan of excessive oakiness (i.e., vanilla overtones). but this zd is quite good. greg had sampled it on a winetree tasting, but i wasn't able to be there. so tonight, he opened this californian to match scallops, ocean perch and stuffed crabs, all the while being a little concerned that i might not like it (see my other anti-chardonnay comments).

(by the way, this will be known as the second night (the first was with emilie and sean) that scallops from schnucks turned out so badly, and the first that the ocean perch wasn't that impressive ... don't try the recipe found at http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Bake-Ocean-Perch&id=335455)

anyway, this zd is quite good. we'll definitely be getting it again, though at around $35, it's on the pricier side of good. greg said the nose has hints of honey, while the texture is very smooth. the flavor has honey overtones, with a little vanilla. "it's very good, an excellent chardonnay. probably one of the best chardonnays i've had." i thought this californian's nose was honey and lemonish, while the texture was smooth, silky, with a hint of acidity. this is a warm, welcoming, very yellow chardonnay. and as it warmed in the glass, it became a little more acidic (in texture), and a bit more buttery (in the nose, but it was so subtle that it didn't bother me at all). there's also more sweetness. the zd has been fermented in cold barrels, according to the label. 13.5 percent alcohol. $32.99 with a 10-percent 6-bottle case discount from winetree.

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