2008 14 Hands Riesling: Flat apple, too smooth

feb. 27, 2011: it's oscar night, and i've usurped ashby's and shelby's spots on the couch to plant myself in front of the tv. to pair with the brats we cooked up, we opened up this 14 hands riesling, which was recommended by dennis at winetree. i'm starting to realize i'm not a fan of two types of rieslings: ones that have too much apple, and others that have too much honey.

for me, this washingtonian was in the too-much-apple category. it's very smooth, but that's almost a bad thing, in that it's too simplistic. there's hardly any crispness, no acidity. it went well with the apple brats from the newburgh butcher shop, though, and it's easy to drink. 11.5 percent alcohol.

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