2008 The Crossings Marlborough Medway Selection Unoaked Chardonnay: A bit flat, but context is everything

feb. 13, 2011: to be fair, i'll let it be known up front that we are comparing this (both consciously and unconsciously) to the 2007 zd chardonnay. greg bought the awesome zd, which is what we started with (see below post). and i had purchased the crossings as a back-up, just in case the zd was too buttery for me to take. but it turns out that the zd is quite good. and unfortunately for this "the crossings," that means it's being labeled flat and second rate.

look. i realize i've made a rather recent complete turn-around regarding chardonnay. but it's extremely interesting, to me at least, that even within the zd experience, i've had a chance to review "the crossings," a new zealand variety. and this is what i think: the closer i am to the zd, the more i think "the crossings" is something i'd walk right on by. here is the mildewy nose. here is the flatter taste. and as for greg, he thinks the texture is sharper, and more acidic, than the zd. plus, the color is not as yellow.

but. and this is a huge but: reviewing this "the crossings" is like comparing alabaster to limestone. which is to say, the farther you get from the alabaster, the more you appreciate the limestone. so. we finished the zd some time ago. and we've had enough sunflower bread from schnucks, and enough water from evansville, to now draw a completely different conclusion. and now: this "the crossings" has improved. greg: "it's smokier the more it warms up." as for me, i think the nose is more mutedly floral. not to say that we'd get it again, but this is one of those posts where context means a lot.

13.5 percent alcohol. $14.99 with 10-percent 6-bottle case discount.

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