2008 Volteo Tempranillo Shiraz: A decent secondary wine

feb. 4, 2011: i'm a bit late posting this, hence the delayed time stamp. we first had this wine at a wine tasting at winetree, where we had a very interesting hour-long talk with ron hull. of the four wines we sampled that wednesday night, this was the best one. but when we opened this spaniard this past weekend, our views were split. greg liked the nose and said the texture was tannic, while the flavor was both sweet and neutral. i thought it had a quixotically aromatic nose, while the texture was definitely dry. i was surprised by the shiraz that's been infused into this bottle (i think ron said it was a 60-40 blend, with the majority going toward tempranillo). because of the shiraz, i thought it would have more flavor. i'm not sure i'd get it again.

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