2007 De Bortoli Petite Sirah: An odd mixture of acidic and smooth

march 1, 2011: i bought this at varsity liquors. i hadn't been in there in months, but i decided i'd give them another chance, and it seems (to our minds at least) that their selection has improved. we saw a caiden's vineyards block nine pinot noir there, also the zd chardonnay ... for those not in the know, these are some good wines to be placed beside.

anyway, this petite sirah was only $7.99, so i figured why not? i'd had this before at winetree in october 2010 and really liked it paired with lamb stew. but right out of the bottle, this particular bottle was an odd mixture (in terms of textures) of acidic and smooth. i gave it some time, and the nose seemed to improve a bit, evoking blackberries and some earth. but still, there's that unavoidable acidicity ... maybe it's a bad bottle? 14 percent alcohol.

SECOND NIGHT: definite tannins and hardly any flavor. drinkable, but not very tasty.

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