2008 Red Diamond Merlot: I got home just in time

march 9, 2011: i'm not good at this, at pairing wines with music. i step on rhythm's toes; i trip on its bars. and all the wine does is loosen my tongue.

but this red diamond is different. to be fair, this is a new dance partner, one that greg sampled at winetree's tasting tonight while i was at work. he said it was the best they had for show, and to prove it, he brought it home, laid it on our kitchen counter, and poured it, slowly, into his wine glass.

meanwhile, if this bottle had a voice, it would be van morrison's. or aimee mann's. or joao gilberto's. something smooth, yet not overwhelming; contained, yet expressive; cool and relaxed, yet impressive enough to earn a second look. black cherry overtones and earthy nose. 13.5 percent alcohol.

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