2009 Crios Malbec: Rough, some fruit, wouldn't get it again

march 3, 2011: it's strange. greg and i really started out exploring wine through malbec. but now all i can say about this mendoza, argentinian, is how much the roughness rubs me the wrong way. this 13.9 percent alcohol speciman contains some fruit flavors, but the overall effect is more texture than flavor. won't be getting this again. winetree.

update (10 minutes later): i needed a distraction from this dry why-did-i-buy-this, and anyway, i was hungry. so i microwaved some rigatoni with italian sausage that greg prepared last night. and what a great accidental pairing! i don't know why, but this malbec is suddenly much less tannic. it's actually quite tolerable. so now i think this might be a good food wine (if you pair it with pasta with tomato sauce.)

SECOND NIGHT: i thought i put the sandpaper i used on our cabinet back in the garage. but no, somehow it ended up right here in this crios malbec. think the voice on that lady at the gas station who's smoked too many cigs; think turbulance on an airplane leaving o'hare. this malbec is just rough, and there's no way around it. the weird thing is that on this second night, it's not as tannic, but it's retained the small amount of fruitiness it had on thursday. greg said it's acidic and definitely rough around the edges.

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