Rosenblum Cellars Vintner's Cuvee XXXII Zinfandel: Fruity nose, but sour

march 13, 2011: greg needed some red wine for his venison recipe, so we uncorked this rosenblum, which i had bought at winestyles on friday. right out of the bottle, greg liked the fruity nose. but when he tasted it, he thought it was sour. i was willing to give it more time, since maybe it just needed to breathe a bit. but a couple of hours later, after my family had had two other bottles of wine, we brought this one out to get their opinions. their review? sour and acidic, but emitting a good nose.

this was my first purchase at winestyles in a long while. i had stopped in there to see their selection, and i really was impressed with their store, which is very user friendly. the wines are categorized according to their flavors and textures, so, for instance, there is a fruity section (which i pulled this rosenblum from), a crisp section, a bold section, and more. they also offer regional wines, as well as a cheese selection.

i talked with the owner briefly, and she was very helpful, giving me details about their wine tastings, which take place about once a month at area restaurants. one is actually coming up, i understand, at china bistro, and reservations are needed since the slots fill up fast. but anyway, angie keck was very gracious and i'm looking forward to trying more of their wines ... even if this particular rosenblum might have been a bad bottle.

at the cash register, angie said this rosenblum is one of that estate's lighter versions of zinfandel. that's because, she said, that (very simply described) the grape skins spent less time mixed in with the grape juice, so it's not as tannic or as fully flavored as other zins that have had more exposure to the skins. there's more to it, of course. check out rosenblum's web site here: https://www.rosenblumcellars.com/shop/item.jsp?itemid=686&catid=58 the tasting notes in a PDF at the bottom of the page, however, are for the XXXI

greg and i have had several other rosenblum zins (st. peter's church, maggie's reserve, monte rosso, contra consta county) and we've generally (except for the monte rosso, which i'll review above) found those to be richer, fuller and rounder ... more substantial, in other words. but those are also higher-priced wines (in the $20 and above range), so that might partially account for the difference. this particular rosenblum XXXII was about $15, if i remember right. 13.5 percent alcohol.

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