2005 Gnarlier Head Old Vine Zin: Better on the second night

may 4, 2011: greg liked this dry creek valley, sommer's vineyard, californian, as it was when we opened it. this means, to my eyes, that he didn't mind the initial acidity, or how light it was. he even went so far as to say he'd get it again. i was coming off a comparison to the better versions of rosenblum cellars red zins, so this gnarlier head was disappointing ... until i had another glass the next night. this time, i paired it with venison stew leftovers, and it was much, much better. somehow, being corked overnight had made the nose fruitier, and the thin texture was a plus against the hefty meatiness of the venison and its accompanying noodles and carrots. so i think this is a better food wine. greg, of course, disagrees, since he liked it by itself, too. this also has a good amount of sediment. 14.5 percent alcohol. $19 at kwiq liquor.

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