2006 Rombauer Vineyards Carneros Merlot: Nothing special

may 1, 2011: we opened up this napa, californian, and it was immediately a bit sour. so we corked it and came back to it. the sourness seemed to disappear the next day, and the day after that, and it smoothed out a bit over time, but there still wasn't anything really distinctive about this merlot. that's a shame, since it's our first rombauer. i know this company is well known for its chardonnay, but we've yet to try that (even though we've heard it's less buttery than it used to be.) i don't think we'd get this one again. 14.4 percent alcohol. binny's in chicago. $20-$29.99.

according to rombauer's website, this merlot spent 17 months in french oak, which is significant because french oak (generally) imparts less tannins than american oak. for some general information about rombauer family: it has more than 30 yeras of winemaking experience in the napa valley. koerner rombauer oversees the daily operations, while daughter sheana handles special events and promotional marketing. koerner rombauer III directs the national sales team.

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