2008 Bouchard Aine et Fils Macon-Villages Chardonnay: Calling all lemons

may 14, 2011: grandmothers only turn 91 once. and since i had just talked to mine today -- victorine bon's had lots of calls, and she went out to dinner with my uncle yann -- we opened this macon-villages in her honor. we're not from beaune, france, but we live in the midwest, and cidre brut from brittany/normandy (my mother was born in and grew up in st. malo, a seaside town in brittany) wasn't available. so we opened this chardonnay, which we paired with a baked chicken with rosemary, lemon and garlic.

all i can say is if you chill this long enough, the lemons will run over your taste buds like a proud and boisterous parade. greg liked it, but when this winestyles purchase was chilled, the only other thing it brought to the table besides lemon was a crisp feel. once it warmed up a bit, this 12.5 percent chardonnay became a tinge sweet. but that sweetness was a shadow of sugar, something you'd find traces of, if you found it at all. i wouldn't necessarily get this wine again unless you definitely want multiple versions of lemon as the star guest at your dinner table. it wasn't bad; it just seemed one-dimensional.

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