2009 Pine Ridge Vineyards Forefront Pinot Noir: Fruity, potent, low acidity

sometime in march, i prepared baked salmon to go with this blend of 51 percent santa barbara, 41 percent san luis obispo and 8 percent monterey county pinot noir from california. here's the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/baked-salmon-ii/Detail.aspx 

i thought this forefront had a really strong red fruit flavor and was very smooth -- almost too smooth. there were hardly any acidic qualities or tannins to balance the strong flavors. but greg liked that about it. he said he'd get it again.

as for its pairing with the salmon, i thought this pinot overwhelmed the salmon, which had lemon juice in it so it was set up to be paired with a mildly acidic wine. 14.5 percent alcohol. winestyles.

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