2008 Castello Monaci Liante Salice Salentino: It's got body, but hardly any flavor

aug. 5, 2011: my dad gave us this as a gift, with a caveat that we not drink it until july because it was a little acidic. we finally opened it tonight paired with pesto chicken and potatoes. our mistake might have been chilling it, since fresh out of the bottle, i could almost smell the acidity. now that it's warmed up a bit, the acidity has toned down but whatever flavors are there are mostly muted. at 13 percent alcohol, and with no idea where my father got this from, i'm not really sure what to think, since it is a blend of two grapes we've never had before: 80 percent negroamaro and 20 percent malvasia nera, both of which are from the salento peninsula of italy. greg agreed that it didn't have much flavor and it wasn't that impressive. nevertheless, wine spectator gave it an 85 out of 100, saying it had flavors of blackberry and plum. we're just not feeling it.

UPDATE: the longer we have this open, the more the flavors and scents reveal themselves. i'm not sure i smell the plums, but there are definitely berries, and i think this largely has to do with the fact that it is nearing room temperature. the tannins are slight, and the acidity is much lower than when it was first opened; i'm unsure of the ideal food pairing since it was chilled when i had it with the pesto chicken. but suffice it to say, i'd try this again -- if i made sure not to cool it down first. greg said it's getting a little better, but it's still "OK."

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