2010 Trapiche Malbec: Eh -- until paired with tomato chicken, and pork loin 2 days later

sept. 13, 2011: this mendoza, argentinian, is on sale at winetree this month for under $10. i'm not sure i'm a fan. it's not as rough as your other typical lower-priced malbec, it's got a lot of tannins and it tastes of minor, indistinguishable red fruits. but i think it's a little sour. maybe it's just an issue with bottle variation? also, after it's been open for about half an hour, it's got a better, more effusively fruity nose. but i'm still not excited about it. 13 percent alcohol.

alright, a correction already: paired with greg's chicken with homemade tomato sauce, this is much better. maybe it's the meal, which i added salt and pepper to. but this trapiche is much less of an obstacle when paired with that.

day three of having this open, and another correction: greg makes an awesome pork loin, and when it's seasoned with his brother chris' seasoning, it's even better. this malbec isn't as tannic when paired with this spicy rub, and it's fruitier. it's also not sour anymore. maybe that was just me having an off night. anyway, this is a good food wine.

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