1992 Ridge California Zinfandel Late Picked: Excellent!!

oct. 2, 2011: we had my parents over for a roasted chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots on sunday. my dad introduced this 1992 ridge, which is one of the three "R"s of zinfandel: ridge, rosenblum and renwood. we've had at least several of the last two, but our only exposure to ridge is through my parents. this 1992 late picked pagani ranch (80 percent zinfandel, 15 percent mataro, 5 percent petite sirah) did not disappoint. we were all in awe of this zin, which my dad said had a smooth mouthfeel, with an excellent long finish. he said the first sip was slightly sweet, but that went away about 10 minutes later. greg thought it had a berryish nose and flavor, and he really liked it. my mom said it's just the perfect wine for her tastes. "there's nothing like a california wine," adding later that it had a raspberry flavor. i thought it was smooth, berryish, with a gentle but strong feel. it was very well balanced, and very good. 15.8 percent alcohol. gift.

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